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I have just completed the 3 day FAW course that I was sent on from work.
I must admit, I was not particularly looking forward to 3 days sitting in a room at a desk listening to a lecturer talking all day but this course was far from what I expected.
Lance Bonner, the instructor has a unique hands on method of teaching and, with his many years of experience, has many anecdotes to give as examples.
I can honestly say that there was not a single minute where I was bored.
Lance’s friendly manner soon put everybody at their ease and willing to join in with the hands on demonstrations as a team and we all felt that we had known each other for years.
The information is given in a simple, easy to understand way that is very easy to take in and is invaluable not only in the workplace but in every day family life.
I thoroughly recommend this course to everybody. My personal thanks to Lance for making it so enjoyable and teaching me something that may help save the life of a
family member, friend or work colleague if ever needed.